In Genesis 3, Adam and Eve sewed fig leaves together to “cover up” their nakedness and shame after they sinned. Fig leaves aren’t the ideal clothing option. They cover up less than we think and reveal more than we recognize.


Discipleship Counseling through Soul Care Solutions is designed to identify areas in our life where we surrender freedom in Christ for unnecessary bondage and fall short of the abundant life God has for those who belong to Him, by hiding behind our own “cover up.”

Sin needs to be confessed and left permanently at the cross so that you can walk in your real identity, rest in God’s love for you, and achieve genuine reconciliation in all your relationships.

Are you ready to come out from behind your “cover up” and enjoy an authentic life in Christ?
All that is required is an open, honest, and humble heart. Let us help you grow towards maturity in Christ.

We minister in the following areas:

Pre-marital Counseling

Discipleship Counseling

Intensive Counseling

Marriage Enrichment Groups (MEG)

Pastoral Discipleship

Weekend Seminars

Sunday Messages

Training & Equipping

We minister in the following areas:

Pre-marital counseling helps a couple lay a strong foundation on which to build a marriage that lasts. We cover the usual topics, but we also speak to the individual nature of the marriage, that being each person’s relationship with their Creator, and how the strengthening of that relationship helps form the bond of the “Us” where two become one.

We use the framework from the Invitation 2 Intimacy. This gives couples the essential tools for experiencing a healthy, long lasting and fulfilling marriage. We’ll help couples communicate effectively, forgive each other, resolve conflicts, deal with finances and develop good parenting skills.

Working with your schedule, we’ll make sure you and your fiance are ready emotionally, physically, and spiritually for the big day.

Discipleship Counseling gets to the core of who you are.

We’ll focus on your true identity.

You’ll get to know the real you, not the one that lives on Facebook.

We’ll help you see what actions are detrimental to your well-being.

Through our time together, we’ll explore how decisions you make will bring either abundant life or living death.

Intensive Counseling is for those individuals, marriages, or families that are in crisis. There is a specific focus on the issues that are exploding the relationship.

Marriage Enrichment Groups (MEG’s) do

just that, they enrich your marriage.

These groups help you dive deep into the

lives of others as you share the joys and

struggles of life.

There’s nothing better than knowing that

others, just like you, are dealing with the same issues.

Who leads the leader?

That’s the question we answer.

Led by one who has been in the trenches, you’ll be

brought back to your true first love with gentleness,

compassion, and understanding.

Weekend seminars help you reconnect and rebalance.

They help you face your fears in a safe environment.

The Christian life is about a relationship with God and Christ.

We’ll point you back to that in a way that refreshes and renews your soul.

We’ll come speak at your

church for classes or give

the message during

corporate worship.

We’ll be there for one

time or we can cover an

extended period of time.

We’ll teach about

Repentance, Renewal,

Rest, and Reconciliation.

Soul Care Solutions makes disciples. A disciple is one who learns from another and then goes and shares with others in their life.

Our goal is to duplicate our efforts through training & equipping others to share the new covenant message of grace and freedom.

All it takes is an open and humble heart, along with a willingness to serve and encourage those that God places in your path.

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